A very brief introduction to the subject:

A very brief intro to the subject

If there is evidence that certain events deviate from the ordinary course of nature, and if affirming the existence of God would render that evidence more comprehensible than otherwise, then it must be admitted that evidence that these events have occurred is evidence that God exists.
– Victor Reppert

The occurrence of an inexplicable event facilitates not only shock and awe, but also skepticism. For the witnesses of these events we have categorized as miracles the question of whether or not the event occurred is of no concern because the evidence of the occurrence was clearly and empirically before them. However, one question will usually linger. How? How is it possible for an event to occur with no explanation of how?

Humanity has been conditioned to believe that universe follows a strict set of rules that govern how things occur. As a result, after acknowledging that an unexplainable event occurred, the next logical question is “how could it have?” For the religious population the logical answer is to attribute the event to a force or entity that is not human and not limited to the natural laws that govern the human experience. The fact that one can even fathom such a foreign concept is evidence of the complex intricacies of the universe.

For the community of anti-theists, most popularly known as Atheists these events are explained in one of two ways: first, the event occurred, and while one cannot understand how it occurred, as science progresses the event will eventually be explained. Just as the idea that it would be possible to make a genetically exact copy of a sheep would have been considered a miracle, if it ever could happen, to a person living pre-twentieth-century. Science has been able to explain and do what was thought to be impossible in the 20th and 21st century. Second, the event could have not possibly occurred and either there was a witness error or a conspiracy deliberately and deceptively concocted to target the gullible for personal or capital gain.

While the first argument is plausible, it is equally and/or possibly more plausible to consider that an omnipresent being, who transcends space and time as well as human understanding, chose to, because its creation acknowledged its existence, take action to aid them and also provide evidence for its existence.

….now it’s your turn to join the conversation. Do miracles happen?

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