Clay 2014

I had the opportunity to hang out with some incredible people this past weekend in preparation for the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering 2014 (CLAY). We met up in Winnipeg, MB to start prep and rehearsals with both the band and drama team, you can guess which one I’m involved with….

It was incredibly encouraging to explore God’s heart for the teens that will be attending the conference in August.  We’re focusing our attention on “worth”; your worth, my worth, our worth, and God’s worth. No matter what the circumstance all of the previously mentioned are Worth It. Negative views of worth have infiltrated our cultures and contributed to a system that perpetuates unattainable standards of excellence in every aspect of life, including the Church.

I’m excited to continue preparing for an incredible gathering in the summer. I encourage people to be praying for this. God is going to be doing some insane things at this conference. Be ready to send teens from your church to a gathering that will encourage, offend, and equip them. And be praying for how you can encourage the growth they experience at CLAY to continue when they return back to their home churches.

I’ll see you at CLAY 2014 in August!

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