The Shiny Things

“God is our shelter and our strength. 
When troubles seem near, God is nearer. 
So why do we run and hide? 
When our worlds spin out of control, we fear. 
Though we ought to be fearless.  
Come, gaze, fix your eyes on what God has done, is doing and continues to do. 
Be still, be calm, see, and understand that 
God […]

The Marks Of A Missional Leader

“When we empower those we disciple to forge their own paths, rather than trying to keep them moving in our preferred (or prescribed) direction, we open ourselves to the chaotic leading of the Holy Spirit and protect ourselves from the temptation of preservationism.” Or, in slightly less academic language… “When you allow a new, lesser […]

Hidden Treasures & Precious Pearls

Two parables in two sentences; probably some of Jesus’ most efficient descriptions of the Kingdom of Heaven. And initially they appear to be incredibly basic and self-explanatory. The lesson being, when you find something of incredible value, you cannot help but sell everything to possess it because it’s that valuable. And what I love about […]

Vulnerability, Trust & Other Insights From The Thanksgiving Dinner Table

You know Thanksgiving is probably one of the easiest things to preach on. It’s is an integral part of our human experience. From a young age children are reminded to say please and thank you when asking for or receiving something. And when a child asks for something and it is not given to them, they […]