Does Tradition Matter? What hipster coffee culture has taught me about Church

Those who know me, will know that I really like coffee. I can appreciate a good cup of coffee, and do so on a daily basis. But, one thing I really struggle with is that every time I visit what one might call a “Hipster Coffee Shop” I get the feeling that I’m stepping into […]

Worth It?

Last week over 700 teens and 150 volunteers from across Canada descended upon Kamloops. BC for the Canadian Lutheran Anglican Youth Gathering. The conference happens every two years in select cities across Canada and seeks to create an atmosphere where teens can encounter God, realize and develop their gifts, and build community with other Christians. […]

It’s Time To Yoke Up

I have to confess, the term “yoke” always mystified me as a kid. My mind immediately jumped to an image of an egg. Which lead to the even more troubling image of Christ cracking an egg over my head saying, “Take my yolk upon you”But, to understand this allusion, we’ve got to understand the metaphor. […]

The Kingdom Of God | In Our Midst.

Our gospel today falls right smack dab in the middle of the last supper. And unlike Matthew, Mark, and Luke, John spends a decent amount of time here. In fact, he spends more time recounting these moments, than he does on the crucifixion. For at this moment, in the midst of the intimate Passover meal, […]

God Speaks Through Difference

Acts 6:7-12,  7:1-2, 51-58    As we continue our way through Acts, we’re starting to understand the story of the early Christians better. News of Jesus’ death and resurrection was spreading. But, the good news wasn’t good news for all. It was bad news for anyone in power, for anyone who abuses the weak and it […]

To the person who stole my wallet…

To the person who stole my wallet and the cash inside it: Firstly, thank you for leaving my wallet in a place I could find it, with all my cards and ID’s. You have no idea how frustrating it is to replace all those. Secondly, This morning you devastated me and I spent a significant […]

Where’s Is Your Treasure?

Luke 12:15-21, Mark 10:17-25 I was sitting in a room of other youth leaders at a conference this weekend. We were dreaming about the kinds of youth ministries we could start with an unlimited amount of resources and funding. As you can imagine the ideas were huge: “We could build a gym!” one person would say. […]

The Walking Dead (Ephesians 5:13-14)

I’m going to say something that you may not agree with, and that’s cool, “People without God are dead.” What comes to mind when I say that? How many times have we heard that? It reminds me of the man on the street corner up on his little box shouting into a megaphone: “Turn or […]